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Oh my. Oh yes.

and the Anonymous Nobody...

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The last stand.

The last stand.

This is officially the last CanCans stand to leave us at Klutz Design - with the timing of the press release this Friday coinciding with the last unit having been sold. Exciting times await - and we look forward to seeing what our friends at AURALiC have in store.... And perhaps, just perhaps, we'll have something new coming along soon as well. Remember. It's all about.... Beauty. Fully. Listening

Innovative audio brand Auralic acquires the intellectual property for the CanCans headphone stand from Klutz Design.

Innovative audio brand Auralic acquires the intellectual property for the CanCans headphone stand from Klutz Design.

Stockholm August 19th 2016

The CanCans headphone stand was launched in 2011 to great market acclaim and has since then become the definitive high-end headphone stand offering a unique and unrivalled design, functionality and craftmanship.

In October 2013, after a year of collaboration and technical development, Auralic launched the Gemini Headphone Dock – an entirely new entry and market segment in the personal audio market. Housed inside a CanCans headphone stand, Auralic had succeeded in placing a leading edge DAC and headphone amplifier to deliver an ”all-in-one” solution received with fantastic reviews from hifi-magazines, and users.

Now Auralic takes a next step by acquiring the complete intellectual property to fully take opportunity of developing innovative and consumer insightful audio products and build on the success of its recent product launches.

”The CanCans headphone stand has been a wonderful proof of our insightful design philosophy at Klutz Design and the response from our buyers over the years and from across the world has been overwhelming. But we also know that the continued success of the CanCans requires even ”more and better ”than what our little company can give it – more focus, more distribution, bigger production and perhaps even more development. From our earlier work with Auralic we know that the CanCans is in good hands and selling the IP rights to them was a natural progression of our collaboration,” says Michael Hollesen, founder of Klutz Design and the designer of the CanCans headphone stand.


The exact plans for the future of the CanCans headphone stand and Auralic Gemini Headphone Dock have so far not been released, but expect Auralic to continue its innovative leadership bringing great sounding products to new and more music-lovers across the world.








Based in Gardenia, CA, and Beijing, China, the U.S subsidiary AURALIC North America Inc. and its parent company, AURALIC LIMITED, are passionately committed to designing, engineering and manufacturing user-friendly audio components that combine modern audio technologies with superior design and functionality, providing music lovers with a new way of conveniently enjoying music. Its growing family of products includes the ARIES, ARIES LE and ARIES MINI Streaming Bridges, VEGA Digital Audio Processor with Class-A preamplification, the 200-Watt MERAK Monoblock Power Amplifier, the TAURUS PRE Balanced Class–A Line Stage Preamplifier, the TAURUS MK II balanced Class-A headphone amplifier and the new Altair Streaming DAC.


About Klutz Design


Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Klutz Design is a design company focusing on the beauty of sound and music - insightful furniture and audio accessories-design to enhance our appreciation of music.


Established in 2009, Klutz Design launched the Ballerina Sweetspot listening chair as a prototype in 2010, followed by the production of the CanCans headphone stand in 2011. As of August 2016, the rights to the CanCans has been acquired by Auralic Hong Kong Limited.