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Parttime Audiophile loves the Auralic Gemini 2000

John Grandberg’s fantastic review of the Auralic Gemini 2000 headphone dock not only concludes

"This is a really satisfying piece of gear, even when approached from an audio quality standpoint alone" but also writes out exactly why we designed the CanCans headphone stand as we did:

"… I learned to appreciate the stand for what it is…. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that this somewhat unusual design actually works well with most headphones. Many of the more “traditional” headphone stands out there don’t pair very well with certain headphone styles. Some are too short, some put unwanted pressure on your expensive leather pads, some mess with the headband pad resulting in annoying indentations after long-term use…. you’d think a simple headphone stand would be hard to mess up, but trust me on this one – a lot of them are sub optimal to say the least. Not so with the Klutz/Gemini offering."


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