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Bakoon HPA-21 wins "Blue Fingerprint Award"

The unique HPA-21 current drive headphone amplifier continues to amaze  and convince with its incredible clarity and musicality.

Having already received a "Red Fingerprint" award for its AMP-11R, Bakoon now receives a second award - now in collaboration with 6MOONs to be awarded a "Blue Fingerprint".

In the words of the editor, Wojciech Pacula:

".... The HPA-21 is one of the best, and perhaps the best headphone amp 
I know, regardless of price, technology, country of origin my preference."

The HPA-21 is the world’s one and only current driving headphone amplifier. By incorporating Bakoon’s unique circuitry, the HPA-21’s amplification technology is now perfectly refined for the level of quality expected when listening to high end headphones.

Unlike the conventional voltage driving method, the HPA-21’s current driving method achieves far superior driving precision, high power and a low distortion level that is unmatched by any other available conventional headphone amplifiers. In addition, the analog battery power supply technology has been meticulously analyzed and employed into the HPA-21, which further enhances the performance of the circuit to the next level.

The Bakoon HPA-21 can be bought in our webshop or as part of the unique "A Heads Beyond" package which consist of the HPA-21+Audeze LCD3+CanCans Leather Edition headphone stand which can be bought .

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