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Bakoon AMP-11R wins "Red Fingerprint Award"

The Bakoon AMP-11R continues to impress as it wins its second award - the High Fidelity Red Fingerprint Award. 

In the words of editor Wojciech Pacula:

… when we see such a small amplifier as the one reviewed here, we subconsciously expect suitably “tiny” sound. And, despite my best effort not to sound like a cheesy advertisement I must say that the AMP-11R amplifier is an example of how appearances can be deceptive….

 .... The amplifier connected to matching speakers, more on which later, spreads out in front of us a large, intense sound stage with substantial, almost life-size, phantom images….

... Let me repeat – it is a full and deep sound, with powerful, saturated bass and large phantom images; pure, vibrant and accurate, nevertheless…..

… What I do know is that the HE-6, the most expensive HiFiMAN planar headphones are a worthy partner. That’s the first time I heard them sound so well.... 

…. Its sound is exquisite, its design stunning, and we actually get two devices in one: an integrated amplifier and a headphone amplifier. The Bakoon breaks out of the testing routine and is beneficial in a broader sense, not just offering a nice presentation but also bringing a kind of balance to our life. 

Simply saying, RED Fingerprint!!!


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