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The Ballerina Sweetspot Chair

Everyone passionate about listening to music should have a beautiful listening chair to enjoy their music from.

Ballerina Sweetspot is one of the world's first purpose-built listening chairs. Crafted in Sweden.



It is intended for a select group of people who in their love for music demand more from what they are sitting in. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that deserves to take a “first row seat” in front of your sound-stage.

Though the Ballerina Sweetspot has been developed through pre-production, the final production has yet to be commenced. It remains a wonderful concept - with one chair having been produced - probably the best listening chair in the world.



The Ballerina Sweetspot is a design collaboration between Klutz Design and Jonas Rylander of Fish Design.

It has been designed to encompass a number of solutions to specific needs that enhance the quality and comfort of your listening sessions:

It is a chair that you could easily sit in for hours, with great ergonomics and support for the body, back and neck… with a headrest that won’t block out the sound…that has a place to put the remote controls within easy reach… where the seating height is adjustable to match the speakers’ height, and…for the really serious listeners, the ability to isolate the chair even more from the vibrations passed on through the floor.







Most chairs in listening rooms around the world either have no headrest, and therefore don't encourage long, comfortable listening sessions, or they have wide headrests that block out reflecting soundwaves, creating less realistic soundstages.

Our headrest provides support and comfort for extended listening without interfering with the enveloping sound in your sweetspot.

At only 13 cms in width, the head rest only covers the very back of your head  – leaving your ears free for the sound of great music around you.


​The cushions are an important part not just for the comfort  - but of the visual design of the Ballerina Sweetspot. The cushion follows the beautiful long curved back of the chair, also adding its own shapes and function to the overall design - such as the lumbar support.

This truly requires craftmanship to make the leather shape itself in all dimensions, yet remaining taut and true to the design. The cushions are made from a combination of carefully selected and measured layers of foam to better support your body during longer listening sessions.


Much time is spent on finding the best placements for the speakers to create the optimal listening position - and of course to place your chair in that sweetspot. But most miss out on the final adjustment - finding the optimal height in relation to the speakers.

Ballerina Sweetspot is itself height adjustable from approx 32 - 45 cms in seating height – all to enable you to match the height of your speakers.

This is done conveniently from the seat of your chair - adjusted and cushioned by a lifetime warranty gas spring integrated into the frame of the chair.


Clad entirely in soft, vegetable-tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri, the Ballerina Sweetspot is designed to enable music lovers to enjoy endless hours of music - enveloped in a beautiful chair.

The Ballerina Sweetspot is manufactured and handbuilt in Sweden by genuinely skilled craftsmen carefully selected to share our ambition for the design and the passion that originated it. Never intended "to become just one of the great classics", the Ballerina Sweetspot is truly a joy to the eyes, touch and ears.


To achieve the highest possible sitting comfort, the armrests are as important as the shape of the chair, the cushions or the neckrest. Placed too high, and they'll push up the shoulders, too low and they provide no proper support.

The armrests of the Ballerina Sweetspot provide wonderful support being both wide,longated and of perfect height placement.

But not only are they designed to offer the best possible support, they also curl to provide space for placing remote controls – easy within reach, but still out of the way.


To listen to music is of course something that involves many senses - not just the hearing. And though the Beach Boys sang of "Good Vibrations", there are actually some who prefer to minimize vibrations  (LF) passed from the floor, through the frame and into the actual seat of the chair.

Apart from being suspended on a gascylinder (which in itself suppresses vibrations), the feet of the chair come with a rubber pad (0,5 cm). Should you wish to further isolate the chair from the floor, the Ballerina Sweetspot can be delivered with threading to fit a specific vibration-minimizing polymer foot.


Each Ballerina Sweetspot is uniquely made for its owner with his or her individual 
choice of colour, the personalization of the head rest and choice of isolation for the feet. 
Each chair then receives its own serial number - etched in the top cover by the 
headrest at the highest point of the back of the chair.

These choices, together with the individual serial number of the chair, 
are documented in a Document of Origin which each first owner receives together
with the chair.