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The CanCans headphone stand was launched in 2011 to great market acclaim and has since then become the definitive high-end headphone stand offering a unique and unrivalled design, functionality and craftmanship.

As of August 2016, the intellectual property and commercial rights of the Klutz Design CanCans has been acquired by Auralic (Hong Kong) Limited and Klutz Design no longer produces or sells the CanCans. All interest in or questions about the CanCans headphone stand can be directed to Auralic directly.


The CanCans Stained Wood headphone stand is a regular addition to our line-up (not a limited edition) and is the result of customers wanting a wooden version (once they learn that the body of the CanCans is made of wood), but also for many the wish for a slightly cheaper CanCans. As always with our meticulously crafted headphone stand, price is relative, the CanCans Stained Wood is priced at SEK 3095 (EUR 345) within Europe and SEK 2475 (EUR 275) for export outside Europe. That compares to our white or black high gloss CanCans which are priced approximately EUR 125 more per stand (EUR 490 within Europe / EUR 390 for export).

The actual treatment of the wooden body (staining) is done by hand – each CanCans receiving unique coatings which not only enhances and brings out the wooden structure of the body, but also leaves an even more beautiful impression of a “living material” as each unit is uniquely different. We are using a staining colour with a semi-matt lacquer to give the CanCans a subdued “gloss”.

Only available with chrome knobs to complement the aluminium-base, the new CanCans Stained Wood headphone stand really brings out the best of “your” headphones when they’re not playing music.

The CanCans Headphone Stand

Great sounding headphones should not have to be put back in their (nice) box or be put on the shelf when you're done listening. No matter whether you've bought wonderful, high end headphones like the Audeze LCD-3 or Sennheiser HD-800 or an equal lover of head-fi and design.

CanCans is the ultimate headphone stand that provides you with a prominent place to keep your headphones - in eager anticipation of your next listening session. Crafted in Sweden.

The CanCan headphone stand weighs in at just above 2 kilos – a beautiful piece of design standing almost like a beacon, respectfully holding your headphones in anticipation of your next listening session.


The body of the CanCans is milled from solid wood in a high-precision computer operated mill and then finely sanded down and finished by craftmens' hands in the heart of "furniture Sweden" in Småland. The dropshaped cradle provides a safe haven to keep (or can) your cans when you’re not listening. It is also painted in a high gloss paint (black or white as standard) and lacquered creating a beautiful luster that stays that way... 

....., as long as you don't let the dust settle.


The knobs are first and foremost a functional element to allow you to wind the cable as tight or loose as you please, keeping it safely - and nice and tidy - out of harms way. 

The individual length of the knob, and distance between the two, allows for a 3 meter cable to be wound, and the head of the knob prevents the cable from falling off.
The knobs are in available as colour-matched to the cradle (black/black and white/white), chromed or as other more colourful knobs to further brighten your day.



Weighing in at approximately 700 grams, the aluminium foot provides a solid foundation for the stand and is polished to a pristine shine.

The foot is furthermore fitted with a rubber mat to provide with even better grip (anti-slip), as well as safeguarding any furniture or surfaces from scratches.