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The story of the Klutzes

The Klutz name may be a play with the letters from the name of the founders.  But it is also a befitting name for a company that engages itself passionately to create and find insightful products.... products that most other people than our prospective customers would probably think of as "what klutz thought of to make this".

None of the founders are designers by education or profession - but by passion. And from our background in marketing, advertising and branding, we've brought with us this idea of creating and finding products with "insightful design".

The company is now dormant with all products having been sold to other producers and brands. The products developed have been the Ballerina Sweetspot listening chair concept,the CanCans headphone stand (now in the competent hands of Auralic (Hong Kong) Ltd) and the Elevated cable riser. And so many more products in the drawers....